New Beginning

If you know me long enough, you should have been familiar with this kind of introduction post 🙂

Yes, I am back. It has been more than a year since the last time I published my latest post and finally I can put together enough motivation and willpower to start writing again. There are some new reasons that inspired me to reconsider allocating some time to write. Maybe this time I will be more committed to do it since I now understand its true benefits, especially for myself. I will tell you about it later in this post.

So why did I take the hiatus for so long? Classic reason: I was so busy and I have bad time management. My work has been so demanding lately, especially because my last two projects were located overseas. There were a lot of travels involved, the teams were distributed in multiple time zones and I worked in a completely new area of expertise—something I have never done in the last six years of my career. It was quite challenging, yet so rewarding. I lost my time to write, but I have more experiences to tell in my upcoming posts, as long as I can keep the momentum.

OK, so here are the three main reasons that make me want to write again.

I like to think

The company I work for has just adopted a strength-based talent development initiative, which urges all employees to identify their key strengths and plan their career accordingly. The basic idea is simple: if we are spending most of our time and effort on our natural talents and what we do well, we will become more efficient, confident and productive at work. In the long run, those who build on their strengths will end up more successful—and possibly be happier along the way.

I took the online test and the result came up immediately. It was a list of my top five strengths with detailed descriptions and some action plans to nurture and develop them. When I read those descriptions, I was surprised. Not just because to me it was quite accurate in describing some talents that I think I do have, but it also reveals some natural tendencies that I was not aware I had until I read about them.

One of the top strengths is called intellection. This strength has nothing to do with intelligence, but it is more about what we like to do. Here is what the description says about it: “You like to think. You like mental activity. You are the kind of person who enjoys your time alone because it is your time for musing and reflection. You are introspective.” I agreed.

Among other things, the guideline told me to take time to write because “writing might be the best way to crystallize and integrate your thoughts.”

It makes me happier

When you are doing things you like the most, time flies. In my case, that happens when I am spending time with the people I love, when I am designing or solving a problem at work or when I am writing. I can spend hours without realizing it. Probably that is the mental state people often call as “the flow”. One simple explanation I know about the flow is that when we feel an activity is worth doing for its own sake, without any external reward, and we are completely involved, then we know that we are in it.

I realize that I simply enjoy writing. I might not get any financial benefit from doing it, yet. I even think that was probably the mistake I made in the past. I was thinking too much about the tangible benefits of spending time on writing, rather than on my own feeling while doing it. I was too afraid that I would be just doing something that has no value for my future.

Now I understand that writing can actually make me happy for the sake of doing it and that is actually the most important thing.

She likes it too

When I met my significant other for the first time, her eyes told me that she was interested in my stories, whether they were about my personal stories or the things I learned from the books I read. She asked me whether I like to write. I said yes and I gave her the links to my old posts. It turned out that she liked them. She said I was good in writing and she kept encouraging me to write ever since. Unsurprisingly, she became the one who received my very first love letter.

If you agree with her, or if you don’t, please leave me some feed backs in the comment section. That is also important to keep me going 🙂

Hope you will enjoy this new ride with me. This is my new beginning.

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